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Should you add your company name to your page title?

Last time I discussed not letting your web page titles be created by your content management system. One question which came up was: “I write my own titles for each page, but the content management system then adds my company name automatically. Is this a problem?”

What we’re talking about here is something like this:


The answer is that it’s not ideal, unless you believe that if you wrote every page title on your website manually, you would always end with the company name. Then it would save some effort, I guess. But I doubt that’s the case.

In itself, having the company name there is not doing you any harm at all. Remember though that you only have about 60 to 65 characters to work with. It can be hard enough to fit the search term you’re targeting and some sort of benefit within that limit. If the company name is being mindlessly appended to the title, you might have only 30 to 40 characters. Best of luck with that.

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