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Best of the Blog in May 2016

During May I focused somewhat on page titles. I make no apologies, as this aspect of a website is, I feel, mostly neglected (and undervalued!)

Early in the month I wrote why you need page titles which work, and how to write them – title tags are what Google displays in search, so it’s important that this snippet of information provides your prospects with exactly what they are looking for, to push them towards your site.

And have you looked at your ‘breadcrumb’ trail recently? You might like to revisit, and create a more effective title, which will certainly improve your standing in Google.

Inevitably that leads us to the question of whether you should add your company name to page titles – definitely a challenge, with only around 60-65 characters, including keywords, let alone the company name. However, Google will sometimes step in, look at your site, and add the company name regardless of what is contained in your titles – so if you are able write a title with a strong benefit, including the company name, in 60 characters, great! Otherwise, I’d opt for the strong benefit/keywords, and you never know – Google just may add the company name for you!

As those of you who work with BMON will know, we only do meetings when it’s really necessary – I found a really interesting article on the subject, underlining exactly how I (and the team here) feel about the subject. As I pointed out in my post “…our motorways are jammed solid with sales reps travelling to meetings just because their competitors do too. As a buyer, this makes the whole vendor selection process drawn out and costly. No wonder so many buyers do so much pre-selection online…”

We truly believe we’re more effective getting on with the job in hand, than sitting around a lovely boardroom table, with chocolate biscuits and copious amounts of coffee. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t ever want to see our clients – far from it – but they understand that we all benefit working this way.

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