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Best of the Blog in April 2016

​While the politicians attend their hustings, launch media campaigns, and harness (in some cases) social media, we’ve had another busy month here at BMON, as I’m sure you have too. Here’s my roundup.

All this caring (or not, in some cases) that’s currently pervading the political arena, made me think about a recent conversation I had with a new client, and in this article, I share the problem they were left with, when a web design agency basically abandoned them. I make no apologies for caring for the client’s business – that’s just the way we are here, and we don’t intend to change (to find out how we work, request our guide).

While on the subject of politics, or perhaps I should say ‘office politics’ – it’s disconcerting to be sat at the monthly marketing meeting to be challenged by folk who make comments about the company’s SEO, without any real understanding of search engines and how they work. Here I list 10 misconceptions. Do scroll down and read the comment underneath (thank you David) – adding number 11. I hope you find them useful for your next meeting!

A couple of those misconceptions in that list concern ‘exact match domains’, so I’ve updated my earlier postings with a view of where we are in 2016. Finally, on the subject of link building – here I talk about the legitimate way to buy links, plus the impact we should expect in search engine rankings.

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