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10 Misconceptions About Search Engines

There was a time when we would talk to prospective clients and discover some awful misunderstandings about how search engines worked. It should be said that we come across these relatively rarely nowadays, so I doubt many of you will find any of the items below to be a revelation. But I also realise that you work in an environment with colleagues who don’t have your experience, and who may well labour under some of the more common misconceptions. It’s therefore worth reminding yourself about how others might think, especially when you’re trying to justify the results you’ve achieved for your website.

Here are some aspects of search engine optimisation which I think some people still get wrong. There may be colleagues in your own organisation who are looking at the website and considering making these comments in the next marketing meeting…

1. “We need to submit our site to Google.” No we don’t.
2. “We ‘did SEO’ a few years ago and that’ll be enough.” No it won’t.
3. “We need lots of meta keywords on every page.” No we don’t.
4. “We should click on our own search results a lot.” No we shouldn’t.
5. “We need to repeat keywords lots of times on every page.” No we don’t.
6. “We want hundreds of links from directory sites.” No we don’t.
7. “We only need to do well on a few generic searches.” No we don’t.
8. “We need lots of micro-sites with generic domains.” No we don’t.
9. “We can rely on our website hosts to do SEO.” No we can’t.
10. “We can get lots of links by commenting on other sites.” No we can’t.

Heard any more good ones recently?

1 thought on “10 Misconceptions About Search Engines”

  1. Other misguided gems include;

    “Our page for product X used to be number 1 all the time, what have you done because it’s now number 3”

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