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The legitimate way to buy links

Visitors to your website are worth money. Improved performance in Google search can provide more visitors. Gaining more links to your website boosts performance in Google search. So we can conclude that links are financially valuable.

However, the problem is that Google doesn’t assign much value to links which have been paid for. It’s not difficult for search engines to identify what’s an advert, or a paid-for directory entry. So how do we buy links which actually help us in the results?

One answer is to not actually spend money on the links directly. If you’re paying someone for a service, see if you can get links for free. Work the web linking opportunities for all they’re worth. Your accounts department has a ledger of all your suppliers – go get ’em!

But what should these links be? The first thing to understand is that a mass email to a bunch of suppliers, asking for some sort of link, is going to get almost no response. Each website needs to be considered individually. Think about what you could provide which the business or siteowner concerned would be interested in adding to their site. It might be a case study about how you’ve used their product or service. It might be a testimonial. And the links in these items will be high quality links if you’ve ensured they’re within text which is related to your area of business. For example, if you sell blue widgets, your testimonial for Acme Accounting Services’ website might talk about how the practice has proved an excellent fit for a company selling blue widgets.

Be creative, but above all, talk to the website which you want to get links from. If you can build just a few links each month, I’d bet you’ll see an impact on your overall Google search traffic within a year.

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