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How to get a secure boost in Google ranking

Websites which encrypt communications between themselves and the user have been getting a small boost in the Google rankings for many months now. You can tell these websites from their URLs, which start with “https” instead of “http”. There’s no other obvious difference to users. It’s widely thought that this Google boost will be increased over time, and we all know the value of even a small improvement in Google rankings.

At the same time, converting your site to use secure communication like this by default is becoming cheaper and easier. Some of our clients have done it, such as processing machinery specialist Orthos Engineering. I’ve heard of occasional temporary IT-related problems in the changeover, but in general, any hiccups and costs have been worth it.

To make the switch, you’ll need a good, technically-aware website designer, manager or hosting company. There’s some good background to send them here.

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