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Don’t be dazzled by keyword research tools

I often get request from clients to help with ‘keyword research’ for the content of pages on their sites. This shows they’re really thinking about how to make the page work hard. Instead of just publishing pages using the first words which come into their heads, they’re actively wondering about targeting specific searches with the page.

Although there are many ‘keyword research’ tools on the market, these have the huge drawback of only being able to work with the existing data. So if you’re in an area where there are thousands of pages and millions of searches, that’s great. We can investigate whether you’d be better off building the page around ‘black shoes’ or ‘footwear which is black’.

Unfortunately, most of our clients work in areas where there’s not much data. There are only hundreds of searches a month, not millions, and there aren’t really enough pages online to start to make the connections between alternative terminology.

So at the moment, there’s really no better way of working out the best search terms to target with your content than brainstorming in the office. You know the industry. Your hunch as to what prospects are searching for is probably as good as anybody’s. And certainly better than most keyword research tools.

1 thought on “Don’t be dazzled by keyword research tools”

  1. Someone told me – “Listen carefully to what visitors to your exhibition stand ask for, this indicates their thinking and expressing what they are looking for, so additional keywords to add.”

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