Yes please, don’t mind if I do

Are you ready for a free tip from old-school sales letter writing? Here it is: begin your copy with a question to which the answer is clearly going to be “yes”. Start the reader off on the right foot and they’re much more likely to stay with you all the way to the end.

Although this is a technique which is primarily aimed at sales letters, there are other occasions when we can use it, just to drag readers in, from social media and blog posts (where it’s easy) to technical articles and case studies (much harder). It’s important to ask the right question, however. It’s got to be one which the reader will answer in the affirmative. “Are you paying too much for your Blue Widgets?”, will more likely get the response: “No, I’m not an idiot”. The correct question in this case would probably be: “Do you want to pay less for your Blue Widgets?”

Another famous sales letter opening is the “if… then…” sentence, which works on the same principle but gets to the point even more quickly. If you want something (which obviously you do), then here it is.

If your copywriting has got a bit stale, I can thoroughly recommend an hour on Google reading about classic sales letter techniques.

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