Cheap SEO damages your marketing budget, not your website

I read an article the other day which was critical of ‘cheap SEO’ services, but I disagree with its reasoning. Getting somebody who knows what they’re doing is going to cost you £50 an hour if you’re very lucky, and £200 an hour if you want the very best. The article rightly pointed out that even at the lower end, if you’re paying £200 a month you’re going to get – at most – an afternoon’s work, and there’s not really much that can be done in that time. Especially if you want them to write a report on what they’ve done.

However, the article said that cheap SEO is like getting in cheap builders – you should avoid it at all costs because you may need to spend just as much money patching up the damage afterwards. That’s where I disagree. It’s possible that people charging £200 a month for SEO could do damage to your site behind the scenes. But in my experience, what most of them do is… nothing at all. Time after time I come across companies paying someone (usually their web designers) a monthly fee for ‘SEO services’ and not asking for any reports or monitoring any results. It might be unethical for these agencies to do nothing in return, but we shouldn’t be surprised.

3 thoughts on “Cheap SEO damages your marketing budget, not your website”

  1. It’s completely true, we were paying £200 per month for “SEO Services” but when I got involved I couldn’t see any evidence of any of this work being done and when they did break down it was all black hat techniques (So thank goodness they weren’t doing anything!).
    We cut them out of the loop and I’ve been doing our SEO in house ever since, the result is more than double the number of visitors than we had before.
    SEO isn’t magic, or a dark art. It’s largely common sense and just following Google’s own guidelines.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Spot on, although in my experience it’s more like £500 per month for doing sod all. Once your web structure is properly set up and you’re checking the Google search console on a regular basis for broken links, crawl errors etc. it’s all about producing relevant, quality content. That’s where the inbound links come from.



  3. Hi Chris

    I hired a guy from Pakistan and he did a amazing job for me. In couple of months he doubled my visitors. But you are right i never asked him for any report. I’m paying him 500 $ a month right now.

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