If what you want is reassurance…

Although we provide a service running search advertising campaigns for companies like yours, I never describe us as an advertising agency. This is partly because we concentrate on one service so specifically. But mainly it’s because advertising agencies are associated with charging you for every little thing they do, sometimes including every time they pick up the telephone. We didn’t want to be like that.

What I wanted us to do was to be an additional member of your marketing team, sitting in the corner. We’re getting on with our job running your Google AdWords, but we’re always available for advice and opinions on anything where we can help. And you’ll use that advice, because we don’t charge for the privilege every time we look up from our desk.

While a lot of the contact we have with clients is of the “how do I…?” variety, an increasing amount is just asking for an opinion on a new idea or design. And what I really like is to email back with the message: “Nothing to add – that looks great”. It happens surprisingly often. If what you want is reassurance, we’re delighted to provide it.

For more information on getting in BMON to run your search advertising, ask for our free guide in the post.

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