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Best of the Blog in March 2016

A big change during March from our friends at Google – in the way the search results are now being presented – with ads on the right disappearing, and now paid-for spots (AdWords) being above and below the ‘natural’ (free) search results. However, before we all get embroiled and concerned about the impact, I discovered that maybe we shouldn’t worry quite as much as we first thought.

Of course, no point in worrying about your search results if your website needs attention – and across the last month I’ve discussed what we can learn from German, Austrian and Swiss websites, with the legal requirement for ‘Impressum’ and how web users have worked out how useful this information is; why there is nothing wrong with old content (yes!); and, why you should take another look at your website architecture

Yet another subject close to my heart – it does bother me when I hear of service providers wanting a signed contract for 12 months“For our part, we have never asked clients to sign anything which commits them to use us for a specific period. Renewing a service each day, week or month should be something the customer is glad to do. It’s true that with our PPC advertising management service, I’d hope clients would be confident of sticking around for, say, three months, because it can take that long to get things up to speed. But if they decide otherwise, it should always be their choice”. If you want to know more about us, how we work, how it would benefit you – then do take advantage of our free guide for marketing managers – click here to request a printed copy or download the pdf.

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