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Ideas for getting links to unexciting websites

A good article on the invariably excellent Quicksprout blog highlights 4 Uncommon Types of Content That Attract Hundreds of Backlinks. It’s interesting because unlike many people discussing the subject, author Neil Patel gives us some ideas which might actually have some relevance in the technical business arena.

Our problem in getting links is, unfortunately, that very few people are writing about what we sell, either in blogs or on social media. So we need to be quite creative in the ways in which we create ‘link-worthy’ content. It’s no good just saying: “write something people will want to reference”, a strategy which gets dozens of links for the music or politics sites which I run, but will struggle to get any for commercial sites selling blue widgets.

Ideas in the Quicksprout article include creating online tools – we have several clients who have done this successfully, and it’s a great long term strategy because tools (such as calculators) continue to pick up links. Another idea is to create a viral video: this can be done even for the dullest of products if you have the imagination and the budget. Original statistics and research are also suggested, along with great images – and of course the two can be combined.

4 Uncommon Types of Content That Attract Hundreds of Backlinks (Quicksprout)

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