Why use experienced technical writers?

Many companies are investing in more articles and content for their website, which is good. But I read an article recently which suggested that there’s a problem, in that too often, the job is being given to somebody supposedly “underqualified, like the 17-year-old marketing assistant”. Now, as we have an article-writing service available, using only very experienced technical writers, you might expect me to be nodding vigorously. That’s not the case though.

Here’s why. In an engineering or scientific company, the knowledge required to create authoritative articles is in the heads of technical experts, who could be in design, support, sales, or any number of places. Extracting that information and experience and putting it into a written form does not require another expert. It requires someone with reasonable journalistic skills.

In addition, there aren’t going to be potential problems resulting from the writer not quite understanding the subject. These articles are going to be published by you, not a magazine or newspaper. They will always be read and corrected by the expert before they see the light of day. So the real challenge is just making sure that something gets written in the first place.

Why then do we employ experienced technical writers for our subcontracted writing service? It’s because getting things as close as we can to ‘right first time’ keeps the costs down, and we find that technical people are much happier to talk to someone from outside if they both speak the same language. A slick, reliable operation always keeps the customer coming back for more. But if your writing project is going to be exclusively in-house, you might not need anything like the expertise we can offer.

More about BMONwords here.

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