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How to ignore website visits from overseas

If you’re a Google Analytics user and you’re always likely to be interested in visits from certain countries, you’ll save time by creating a permanent filter. This applies to the many readers who only do business in the UK and will rarely have any interest in visits from the rest of the world. But it can be more complex than that: English speaking countries, Europe, EMEA, whatever you’re specifically interested in.

As ever with Google Analytics, set these things up with a new ‘View’ – never filter the standard view (if you do currently have filters on your everyday view, set up an unfiltered ‘raw data’ view straight away). That way your full data is still available as an alternative to your new filtered view.

A new view is as simple as going to ‘Admin’, making sure you’re on the right ‘Property’ (there may only be one) and clicking on ‘Create New View’ under the View selector. There’s nothing dangerous you can do here. Name the new view with the region you’re going to filter (e.g. ‘Visits from the UK’), then add your filter. If you have multiple countries to include, separate them with a pipe (|):


That’s it. Go back to your new view after a couple of days to see how it’s working (look at a geographical report, and 99%+ of visits should have been from the countries you want). Unfortunately it can’t be back-dated to include historic data, but it’ll work from now on. If you rename the view appropriately alphabetically (I put numbers on the front), it can be the report which comes up automatically when you first fire up Google Analytics.

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