Are you neglecting existing customers?

Retention Marketing is a concept I’ve been seeing mentioned a lot recently. As you’d expect, this involves keeping existing customers buying, and is probably more of interest to businesses which don’t have ongoing, personal contact with their customers, such as online stores. I would imagine that most readers here have sales operations which are able to keep in reasonably frequent contact with customers. You’d probably find it the exception (and a disappointment) if a customer went somewhere else for a product you could provide, without even getting you to quote.

However, it’s all too commonplace for existing customers to be neglected. Whatever attention we’re lavishing on our current prospects, it’s quite likely that competitors are doing the same to our customers. There’s no excuse if we’ve let our customers feel taken for granted – we know who they are, where they are, and what they might want, or at least we ought to. What exclusive information, services or offers could we be providing that will remind them that they’re appreciated?

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