Should you keep advertising to people who know you?

Yesterday I mentioned brand advertising, or in more practical terms, increasing your name recognition. But what if you’re starting with minimal name recognition? Let’s face it, if you’re a small UK distributor of moderately well-known imported products, it’s unlikely you’re going to be a name people are searching for. So how do you keep in front of prospects? Remarketing offers some increasingly interesting options for advertisers.

One of these is remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), which can be manipulated in various ways. As a general concept, remarketing allows you to show or manipulate adverts served through Google, based on whether or not the viewer has seen your website, or specific pages on it. RLSA allows you to have some degree of control over your search ads in this way.

So, for example, you could bid on search terms on which you don’t normally bid, just for people who’ve already been to your website. Or you could change the advert, or the bid, for those people. For most companies with a small advertising budget and relatively small numbers of website visitors, this is not going to change the world (you’ll probably be bidding very high anyway, as there aren’t that many relevant searches!). But there are some interesting possibilities.

Google hopes you will want to increase your bidding on ads seen by people who’ve already been to the site. That might make sense; now they’ve declared an interest in us, let’s keep our name in front of them. However, there is an alternative view on this: it could be that once people have been to the site, you don’t want to spend money bringing them back through search – maybe you’ve now got other ways of keeping your name in front of them. It’s worth some thought.

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