Google free listings get relegated even further


What do you notice about the Google search above? It’s a small, but massively significant change to your biggest source of website visitors, so take your time. This is really important.

Yes, there are now four – yes, four – AdWords adverts showing at the top of the page, on many competitive product searches. In addition, the ads on the right have gone, although there’s still space there for Google’s ‘shopping’ results. If the top free (or ‘natural search’) result is a definition, perhaps from Wikipedia (which it often is), it’s quite likely that there’ll be no free commercial results available to anyone without scrolling down.

As you might imagine, this will swing the balance of search clicks further towards the paid-for AdWords adverts. Google is not a public service, and it has shareholders to answer to. If you want visitors to your website, you must now be allocating a significant amount of your advertising budget to AdWords. It would be remiss of me not to point out that we can do this for you, in a way that involves almost no effort or involvement on your part. Or read some of the online chat about what’s happening here.

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  1. As always, great point made Chris. I hope it’s acceptable to include a link to our blog on this subject because within there it does reinforce the need for PPC to be done properly (we don’t offer it as a service, just encourage it) and for PPC to be hand-in-hand with closely analysing where people go after clicking through to the website. As your blog implies Chris, PPC click costs will increase and so it’s vital that businesses fully understand the need to be looking closer at how they approach paid advertising.

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