It’s an easy mistake to make

No matter how much the search engines to simplify things, running a search advertising campaign is tricky. There are so many things which can go horribly wrong. Some you’ll spot straight away, perhaps because you spend your month’s budget in the first morning. Other mistakes will be picked up by the MD after they’ve been running for a month. The worst are the silly errors which happily run in the background for years without anyone at your company noticing.

Take the “add your keywords here” problem, for example. In Google’s AdWords system, the default text in the keywords box says, as you might have guessed, “add your keywords here”. Some people accidentally leave it, and consequently show ads on that term until the day they notice. If you’re the marketing manager at JGA Recruitment, Spacers UK or, look away now:


You can see the latest culprits, live, here.

Now, will using a search engine advertising management service like ours stop silly mistakes from happening? Possibly not, we’re only human. But we don’t make very many mistakes, and at least you can sleep more easily, knowing that if something has gone wrong, it’s not your fault.

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