Maybe there’s nothing you can learn from us

As I’m sure most of you are aware, here at Business Marketing Online we’re an outsourcing service for many of the tasks required to maintain and promote your website. We manage the search advertising for over 60 companies, and we’re producing written and video content for over 20 of them.

But those are just our paid-for services. We also offer our clients a lot more, without any charge at all. These services include website uptime monitoring, search engine position monitoring, Google Analytics set-up, and advice whenever it’s needed. We like to be thought of as an additional member of the marketing team, and that’s not bad when you consider many clients have said that the net cost of using us to manage their Google AdWords campaigns has been zero.

So, could we do something for you? We’re always happy to come and give you the benefit of our advice on your web marketing. However, a couple of companies this year have asked for more: could we give them an independent view on their whole marketing strategy? For my colleague Tony, who was tasked with doing this, it was an intriguing challenge. There are half a dozen of us here, with an average of 30 years each in industrial and scientific sales and marketing, so he was able to draw on a lot of experience. And the answer was yes, we could.

We’re all under increasing pressure and could use a fresh eye on what we’re doing. Maybe there’s nothing you can learn from us. Maybe we could give you some ideas which would improve your marketing hugely. It costs nothing to see what we’ve got to say though. Request a call from Tony now. Find out why so many of our clients love having us around for advice.

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