The state of engineering and scientific B2B websites 2016 (3)

Having looked at why we should be measuring how well we’re attracting people who might become customers, let’s talk about the other half of the process: what we’re doing with them.

To me, converting website visitors into sales enquiries is the great missed opportunity in engineering and scientific marketing. Companies spend a lot of money on advertising to get the right people to their websites, and then give them what can only be described as a terrible sales presentation. It’s the equivalent of inviting them to your office, then presenting them with a massive pile of brochures and saying: “Read these, and if you see anything you like, I’ll be upstairs”.

So in terms of measurement, you need to be using your website analytics service to be reporting on every action which visitors might take that indicates they’re interested, from looking at a PDF datasheet to completing a contact form. Too many companies look no further than visitor numbers as some sort of indicator of website performance. However, a 20% rise in visits, even if they’re from the right people, is nothing to shout about if your competitor gets twice as many enquiries from half as much traffic. And I can see that happening all the time.

Recording views of datasheets, completion of contact forms or any other indicator that a visitor has engaged with your sales story is quite straightforward nowadays. As ever, if you’re one of our clients we can help you do all this, and it won’t cost you anything. Only once you’re measuring what’s happening can you make changes and truly see if they produce improvements.

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