Should conventional product pages be consigned to history?

I was asked recently if I had a template for a good landing page. The client who asked was putting together a special promotion, and has since made a very good job of the page. It includes all the recommended elements, from a great product shot through testimonials and case studies to clear calls to action.

We included the page and its offer as part of the client’s AdWords campaign. As we did so, the immediate thought which sprang to mind was how great it would be if everyone being sent to the site by advertising could arrive on a page like this.

Of course, creating landing pages for every product would be beyond the client’s resources, although it might be considered for a few more. The majority of visitors are sent to standard product pages, a tactic I’m sure most of you employ with search advertising campaigns covering dozens of products.

But it does make you think: really, what’s the difference in objective between a landing page for an advertising campaign and a standard product page? None, I’d say. So why shouldn’t every product – or at least product class – have a page which does a proper selling job? Is the conventional (and rather boring) product page just a habit which needs to be consigned to history?

When you next redesign your website, I would seriously consider what makes a good advertising campaign landing page, and ask yourself if every product page should look like that instead.

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