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DIY SEO in 2016

Yesterday I reiterated that if you’re paying somebody to “do SEO” for you, it’s essential to get a breakdown of what they’re doing each month. There do seem to be people out there taking money from clients each month for search engine optimisation and doing nothing in return. If you know what they’re doing, you can see if it’s worthwhile (and it can be; plenty of good people do exist out there).

More than ever though, I think you can maintain and improve your website’s performance in the search engines yourself. At the very least, if you understand what needs to be done, you can outsource the work for which you might not have the time or inclination. This includes tidying up all the on-page SEO (titles, tags etc) and creating more and better content across the site.

You can book yourself on an SEO training day, naturally – there are plenty of them around. But before you commit to spending £500, why not have a read of some of the extensive online guides which are available. For example, the Beginners Guide To SEO from comes with impeccable credentials and believe me, tells you more than you’re going to be able to seriously implement. It also goes further than a one-day course is likely to be able to go. Then all you need to do is to find that spare day (which you’d have found if you’d booked yourself on a course!) to study the subject.

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