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Today I’d like to introduce you to a new service from the team here at BMON. We were asked by a handful of clients last year if we could offer technical writing services, and have been running a trial for a while. Now I believe we’ve got it just right.

BMONwords is for any engineering or scientific company like yours, which understands the need to increase the amount of content on its website, filling out existing pages and creating new articles too. Without the volume of words to back it up, any attempt at search engine optimisation (SEO) is doomed. Google wants content, and BMONwords is going to deliver that content for you.

What potential clients told us was this: “We want a writing service which will work to a fixed monthly budget and produce an agreed amount of content. We want to sit down with you and work out a plan of action for the next year, then you go away and send the publication-ready articles to us every week or month. That is all.”

From our end, we’re offering to find a really good technical journalist for the job, and to manage the whole process.

How It Works

Here’s what’s already happening for one client. The company realised that its website product pages had no real substance to them, that there were no application-oriented articles on the site, and that it had no reference ‘white paper’ material available at all. They knew that this was the reason they were making so little impact in Google searches.

If pushed, the company knew that it had the ability to do the writing required in-house, while admitting that nobody had the desire. More importantly though, it never seemed a high enough priority.

We came up with a six-month BMONwords plan, which the client has now extended to a year. For a budget of £1,200 a month, this would deliver 18 product writeups and 3 application-oriented articles over the course of the six months.

What We’re Delivering

The client has 20-30 main products on its website, each of which has its own page but only with a paragraph or so of text. BMONwords is steadily replacing these with proper technical, benefit-focused sales descriptions of 300 words or more, designed to appeal both to prospects visiting the site and to search engines. The separate application-oriented articles are targeted at key “how do I?” searches which are easy wins in the search engines.

At an initial briefing session, the client and our technical journalist (a current magazine editor) devised the plan of work. Our journalist was introduced to the technical sales people in the company who could subsequently provide the relevant information by phone or email, when asked. And for the marketing manager, that was it: the agreed articles just started to appear at weekly or fortnightly intervals without any further involvement.

What’s more, BMONwords articles are ‘website ready’: they come with suggested titles, descriptions and other SEO necessities.

BMONwords is different to a traditional full-service ‘PR’ offering. It meets a specific modern need which many companies tell us they now have. If you’re one of those companies, email Tony here or ask us to call you here.

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