Best of the Blog in December 2015

Here are some of the highlights you may have missed last month if you were trying to cram a month’s work into three weeks before Christmas.

Long-time readers may have noticed me warm to mobile websites over the past few years. In At least create a mobile-friendly landing page I stressed the importance of always ensuring any pages you promote in emails can be read well on mobile devices, because that’s where many (most?) people read their emails nowadays. And in Why ‘mobile first’ works even for primarily desktop websites I supported the modern viewpoint that sites should be designed for mobile devices first, and given more features in larger browser windows, rather than providing a cut-down version of a ‘desktop site’ for mobile users. It makes sense.

Irritating things which I got off my chest in December included the word ‘solutions‘ and the word ‘leading‘ – you may not agree if you’re a leading solutions provider, of course, but I hope you got the point. Let’s all agree to be more specific about what we do and how well we do it.

Finally, in The potential of search advertising – in pictures, I illustrated how the potential of search advertising is so much greater than other media, even if it is hard to visualise sometimes. The images here might help explain. Enjoy!

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