Best of the Blog in January 2016

I thought I’d start the new year off with a focus on website related activities, hoping to provoke you to stand back and take a fresh view of your online offering, and implement improvements. Here’s a recap of some of the topics we covered in January.

The State of Engineering and Scientific websites articles started with my thoughts on performance – fewer visits, better traffic, and, importantly, maintaining or increasing the number of relevant visits, followed by how you can actually measure those defined relevant, quality, visitors in your Google Analytics. In the third article in this series, I moved on to what you do with those visitors once you’ve identified them.

Of course, it’s all academic if your activities are pushing people to ineffective landing pages (you are monitoring in your Google Analytics aren’t you?) – in both Product Landing Page Template and Elements of a Landing Page I attempted to offer an easy-to-follow guide to improving your landing page(s), reminding you of the elements of a normal sales presentation which need to be incorporated, in a page designed to take someone from mildly inquisitive web browser to full enquirer, and most of all, removing the clutter.

Finally, this last month, a little bit of self-promotion touching on the need to increase the amount of website content – building on existing pages, adding new articles, etc, all of which will satisfy Google search, and in turn will bring you quality visitors.

A selection of website related articles, can be read here.  I hope you find them useful!

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