It’s all about making the customer look good

Last month I mentioned my dislike of the word ‘solutions’ in marketing, mainly because it suggests to prospects that they’ve got a problem. Of course, it’s possible that that they may have a problem, but few would want to admit that.

A better approach would be to think much more carefully about why people buy from you, and more importantly, why they don’t already have what you’re offering. If it’s a well-established product, by telling them how much better off they’d be if they bought it, you’re also suggesting that they haven’t been doing their job properly by not buying it in the past. And nobody likes to have that pointed out to them.

So consider how you can give them the excuse for not having used it before. Maybe the pricing is better now. Maybe you’ve been keeping the product a secret (even if you’ve been advertising the heck out of it). Whatever the case, give them a reason to pretend to themselves that there’s no shame in coming to you now, rather than when the product was launched.

And if it’s a new concept? In this case, you’re probably offering them an opportunity and are even less likely to be ‘solving a problem’. One approach might be to make them feel as if they’ve stumbled across something which others don’t know about. Well done to them for discovering it – not to you for inventing it. Whatever you try, the sales and marketing process should be all about making the customer look good – not you.

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