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Why your value proposition is a valuable thing

Have you lost sight of what your company has to offer? What makes it worth doing business with? Why do your customers choose you? When I look at most websites, I don’t see that fundamental concept communicated very clearly, which makes me wonder if the sales and marketing team even know what they’ve got. And that’s why it’s worth re-considering what’s known as the value proposition on a regular basis.

The method is quite straightforward. List all of the attractive features of your company which ought to be on your ‘About Us’ page. It might be “locally based”, “narrow, specialised expertise”, whatever. You should be able to come up with a dozen. Then in columns, give all of these a rating for each of the following: how much customers want that; how unusual that is; and how easy that is to prove. Add (or even multiply) the scores, and you’ll start to get a better feel of what you’re all about.

Now see how your website reflects that value proposition.

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