What Google results look like in Antarctica

If your daily news sources are as boring as mine, you may have read that Google has removed the ability to choose your search location. Not many people knew this existed, and fewer still actually used it, I understand. Come to think of it, the feature may have disappeared here some time ago.

To be honest, I don’t think it ever really showed what someone in that location saw. Under ‘Search Tools’, we’re currently given the option to see the ‘normal’ results, or pages ‘from the UK’, which is a different thing. And down the bottom of the page, you can confirm to Google where you are (if it hasn’t worked that out already), to ensure you get local results.

Google search by country screen shot

So, how do we see what somebody in another part of the world is seeing? I’m surprised by how many people think that if you just go to google.fr or google.com.au, that should do the job. If you’re not signed in to Google, you may get some semblance of what Google is showing in France or Australia, but it’s not accurate (and the adverts will of course be completely different). If you are signed in, your results may be even less like what a ‘local’ would be seeing.

I like to use the “Ad Preview and Diagnosis” tool in Google AdWords. This, I should imagine, is quite accurate (it goes down to city level) and will show the adverts as well as the ‘natural’ results. All you need is an AdWords account. Give it a try.

Google Ad Preview Tool screenshot

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