At least create a mobile-friendly landing page

I’ve discussed the need for mobile-friendly websites in the past. Customers access your site on mobile devices more than you think, Google prefers it, your competitors have probably already migrated …there’s very little excuse now for sticking with an old site that doesn’t adjust to a small screen. But if you haven’t yet been able to persuade head office to stump up for a redesign which will drag you into the same decade as everyone else, do at least consider this. Many people who read your promotional emails, possibly even the majority, will be doing so on mobile devices. Asking them to click through to a non-mobile-friendly website is a waste of their time and your money. They read your email, their interest is vaguely piqued, they click on a link – but they can’t read what you have to say. Remember, by clicking through, they’re doing you a favour here, not the other way around.

What’s the solution? If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, but you do want to use email marketing, at least make sure you create a mobile-friendly landing page: and that includes a form which can be filled in easily on a mobile device. There are loads of online landing page creation tools available if you don’t want to get a website designer involved.

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