Not as boring as your “About Us” page

The most underexploited page on most companies’ websites is ‘About Us’. Anyone reaching this is genuinely interested in what you do. It might even be the final thing that convinces them to pick up the phone. What would your best salespeople say if a prospect asked them: “OK, I like the sound of the products, so why should I be getting them from your company?”

I’d bet their reply wouldn’t be as boring as your “About Us” page.

Would their reply start with: “Well, we were founded in 1992…”? Would it start with: “Well, our company is built on the core values of customer focus and providing innovative solutions…”? Would it start with: “Well, we’re part of the worldwide Blue Widget Group with 3,500 employees in 42 countries…”?

No, of course it wouldn’t. Their reply would sell whatever it is that makes your company great. And so should your “About Us” page. If you’re struggling to know what to put on the page, ask your best salespeople and write it down.

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