How do your email subject lines stack up?

If you’re a user of GMail, you’ll be familiar with its automatic classification of email into types such as “Social”, “Promotions” and “Forums”. One of the side effects of having a “Promotions” folder is that all of the sales emails you receive can be seen alongside one another, and the ones with compelling subject lines jump out at you. If you have GMail, it’s well worth scrolling through this section. What works? How do the subject lines on your emails compare? Note too that in some email apps (such as GMail), recipients also get the first words of the emails as well as the subject lines. On so many emails, this opportunity is thrown away by having the first words as something like: “CAN’T READ THIS EMAIL?”.

We can all do better than this, and the best way to test things out is to look at your existing emails in as many different inboxes as possible, including on mobile devices.


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