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How do you find out where to start in SEO?

Anyone looking to prioritise performance in Google search in their 2016 marketing objectives should probably start with a thorough “SEO audit”. There are many companies offering such a service, and I’m often asked to recommend one, so I thought I’d see what’s available at the moment. My friends who work in SEO recommended a few between them, so I combined these suggestions with my own requirements that the audit is (1) from a well-respected consultant, (2) up-front about the cost, and (3) based in the UK.

In the end, just one passed the test, so here it is: the SEO Audit by Hobo Internet Marketing in Scotland. Although I haven’t used the company’s service myself, and don’t have any connection, they come recommended by someone who I respect a lot. The audit is a very reasonable £300. If you give it a go, let me know what you think, and if you’re one of our clients, I’d also be happy to go through it with you for free.

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