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Don’t be the boring one at the social media party

Many companies automatically publish their news and blog posts to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I’d thoroughly encourage this, as it shows engagement, and if you have social media accounts, they look rubbish if the last entry on them was two years ago. You’d be better off not having them.

Unfortunately, many automatically-published posts are some of the dullest and least eye-catching on most people’s social media feeds. So what can you do about it? Firstly, make sure you’re publishing the headline of the piece. I’ve seen several companies putting out tweets such as “New story from… XXX”. Who’s going to click on that? And it goes without saying, ensure the headline is an intriguing one.

Most important of all though, make sure there’s an image with the post. If your article has an image, the automatic posting mechanism should be able to pick this up automatically. If it doesn’t, think about knocking one up. A nice graphic version of the headline works well. You may not have to actually put it on the page; with WordPress, for example, you may be able to set it as the “featured image”, even though it doesn’t feature.

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