Branding advertising at a time when it’s most crucial

The more time goes on, the more impressed I am at the effectiveness of ‘remarketing’ adverts for long sales cycle products and services, which will probably include your company’s offerings. Traditionally, remarketing adverts were designed for short- to medium-length sales cycle products, which is why high street retailers embraced the idea. If you’ve been to websites like those of John Lewis or Marks & Spencer, looked at a product but not bought it, you may well have seen adverts for that very product start to pop up all over the web. Giving you quick links back to the buying page in this way is bound to offer a fantastic return.

Remarketing has not been pushed as strongly at suppliers of £500,000 blue widget finishing machinery, because there’s no such instant return available. Their customers might spend many months evaluating potential suppliers and technologies. However, I think it can play an equally exciting role. I’ve mentioned in the past using remarketing to show new, supporting content to draw previous website visitors back to your website. That’s good, but remarketing can also play a crucial role in branding, at the time when it’s most crucial: between the prospect first becoming aware of your company and the final purchasing decision. Keep your details popping up frequently during this period and you don’t need me to tell you that the prospect’s perception of your company will be improved noticeably.

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