Best of the Blog in October 2015

Another busy month, where I started off with some fundamental ideas about how a new company website should be designed. A number of readers contacted me to say “that was timely!”, but I guess at any one time, there are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of you planning a new website. In Don’t expect the builder to be the architect too, I pointed out that most website designers are more like builders, and you need an architect too – although that can be you. I also discussed how The structure of your website is all wrong (probably) and how you should consider What will your next website need to do?

On a page level design scale, we discussed the enquiry form you should have on your website and the advantages of simplification.

For advertisers, there were updates on the reasons to advertise against searches on your name and websites to avoid on the Google advertising Display Network, both of which I hope were useful.

Finally, there was some nice feedback for the ‘back to basics’ articles on web images, The importance of correctly-sized images and JPEG and GIF: Image file formats and their uses. If you missed them, take a look.

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