Google Maps goes off-grid

I’ll admit up front that today’s article is nothing to do with online marketing, but it’s some tech news which is so great that everyone needs to know. Google Maps is going offline.

What does this mean? It means that you can download the map of an area to your phone or tablet when you have got internet access, so that you can use it when you haven’t. Great news.


I can think of several situations where this will be really useful. My iPad doesn’t have a 3G/4G connection, but I can now take it out in the car with me, having earlier downloaded any relevant maps for the day, while I had wi-fi. If I’m outside the UK, needing directions, I can now have maps on my iPhone without the extortionate data charges normally associated with overseas data downloads. And if I’m just going somewhere where cellular connections are rubbish, a bit of forward planning is all I need.

The feature is gradually rolling out with the latest version of Google Maps on Android, and is coming soon to iOS.

3 thoughts on “Google Maps goes off-grid”

  1. Yep, but all on the phone you happened to have with you anyway, very up to date and down to very fine detail. But I know where you’re coming from.

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