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Maybe we should get straight to the point?

I got one or two good ideas recently from a writeup of a presentation by design expert Oli Gardner on creating landing pages which work. Don’t forget, for many of us, what works for a landing page should give us clues about what might work for any product page.

Nice ideas include asking yourself if the subheading is actually better than the title: so often we write ‘clever’ headlines, then use a subheading to actually explain the benefits. Maybe we should have got straight to the point? Making use of captions is another opportunity we often neglect. Everyone reads picture captions, so use them for a quick sales pitch. And use ‘action language’: words such as ‘click’ tell your audience what you’d like them to do, and words such as ‘now’ encourage immediate action.

To read the full list, see 13 Considerations for Creating Successful Landing Pages on the TopRank Online Marketing Blog.

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