Has Powerpoint made us blind to lists?

I went to a product sales page yesterday and was confronted with a video as the focus of the page. I clicked on it, as seems to have become second nature nowadays. The video just put over a short series of bullet points as a slideshow. But for the first time, I realised that the video got the message over better than normal text would have done, even if that had been bullet points too. Indeed, the bullet points were underneath the video. However, if the video hadn’t been there, I know that I’d just have skimmed over them and not taken in their content. Have too many boring Powerpoint presentations made us blind to lists? Is video – or a slideshow – the new way of getting over simple messages?

3 thoughts on “Has Powerpoint made us blind to lists?”

  1. Good question, Martin. I’d always repeat the text anyway, not everyone will want to read a slideshow.

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