Best of the Blog in September 2015

I think we all learned quite a lot last month, so here’s our normal monthly recap on the stuff you won’t want to have missed. Biggest reader response of the month was to my enquiry about what “freebies” for customers were going down well nowadays. A number of you put forward ideas, and we’d still like to hear about others if you’d like to contribute.

The most-read article of the month was the one highlighting the government’s petitions website as an example of beautiful yet functional web page design. So many website designers could learn from this, but it’s up to us, as the people who commission the sites, to demand that our own sites look as good and work as well.

I also touched on the topics of “ongoing SEO contracts” from web design agencies, whether ad blockers are a problem, some ways to get links for free, and how to justify your search advertising campaign financially. If you missed any of these, now’s your chance to catch up! The full index to articles is here.

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