9 reasons to advertise against searches on your name

So, as promised yesterday, why should you put a pay-per-click advert in Google over searches on your own company name? Here are nine reasons to do so, and which you can use when (inevitably) a colleague asks why you’re doing it.

1. You’ll be top of the page. Of course, you may be top of the natural searches anyway, with no adverts above you (that you know of). But even so, can you be sure that’s the case everywhere?

2. Show me a company that’s happy with the way they’re presented in the Google results for a search on their company name, and I’ll show you a company which is very lucky indeed. Your advert puts you in control.

3. With an advert at the top and the ‘natural’ search result underneath, you dominate the screen (below). Great for trust and branding.


4. You really don’t know what ads are appearing above your company name. We once had a client who advertised against a competitor’s name, but not in the 50 miles around the competitor’s office. I’d bet the competitor never knew.

5. Being in control of the message means you can highlight news or special offers in the advert. That should give you some intriguing possibilities.

6. You’re also in control of the destination page. Many companies have a default Google result for their company name which sends visitors to some global corporate home page. An ad can send people to the UK site or page.

7. Your ad can be set to run on the “Display Network”, so it appears around the web wherever your company is mentioned. This can be useful for those mentions which don’t provide a link.

8. Your nice big ad, with its sitelinks, callouts and contact number, will dominate the page over the far weedier natural search result which appears when people mis-spell your name. Try some searches and see what’s appearing. It may not make your company look that great.

9. You may be able to give people a message at no cost. This is pay-per-click advertising, remember? And many people will read the ad but click on the natural search result.

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