What does your website look like on an iPad?

iPad Pro

This time last week Apple launched a larger size iPad, and it’s clear that they’re looking to muscle in on laptop territory. An iPad with a laptop-size screen, and a separate keyboard, probably does everything which a laptop does, and more. It’s likely that developments like this will mean a continued increase in the proportion of your website visits coming from tablet devices.

Which leads on to the question: what does your website look like on an iPad? What about an Android or a Microsoft Surface tablet? Have you checked? And I don’t just mean “does it look good?”. As a regular iPad user, I get incredibly frustrated by the number of websites where form filling is difficult or just does not work. There’s no need for this. The operating system is more than capable of handling data input, of course. It’s just that a website designer has chosen to use some particular coding which may work fine on a PC, but fails on an iOS device.

So when you test out your website on different platforms, which I hope you do, make sure you try filling in forms and performing actions beyond just viewing pages. Your customers will be.

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