We need to get to the point in our emails

I’ve been discussing publicity with a local campaigning organisation recently, and we all agreed that an email newsletter would be key to getting out the message. Well, we agreed that email would be key. If I have my way, it won’t be a conventional newsletter, because that means more than one topic. And to me, more than one topic in an email means certain death to any hopes of effectiveness.

We all suffer from email overload. Surprisingly, people don’t mind irrelevant emails if they can open them, see at a glance they’re irrelevant, and quickly archive or bin them. What they don’t like are emails which are hard work. And multi-column, multi-subject, multi-offer emails are just that. Recipients soon associate certain senders with emails they don’t like, and they stop opening them.

So, before you send that email, pare back the message to its very core. Nobody expects you to have sent them an email unless you want them to do something, so tell them what you want them to do. If you’re announcing a new product, maybe you’ll be saying at the top of the email that there’s a datasheet available and the link is coming up at the end. Get to the point, and be honest about your reason for taking up the recipient’s time.

1 thought on “We need to get to the point in our emails”

  1. Great point, well made as ever !

    I’d just like to add – if you want to get attention, don’t start the email with a fancy picture that doesn’t download automatically. Give me a clear subject and a couple of lines of plain text at the beginning and I may be interested enough to click to download the images, otherwise the message is headed straight for the trash without even opening the graphics that cost so much to design.

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