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Three ways to get links for free

We all need more links to our websites. If I was charging a client for “SEO services”, I’d expect to be spending at least part of the time working on building links. I think this can be done better in-house though, and here are three ways you can get links without it costing you a penny.

1. Find other sites which could mention your content
Whatever field you’re in, there are probably blogs or news sites which might like some contributed content, especially if it’s pointing out a useful resource. So if you’ve got a nice online tool, a helpful reference or even a practical video, think outside of the box about sites which might like to feature that …with a link. Then ask. You’ll be surprised how many say yes, especially if you provide the words to go around the link.

2. Find mentions of your products which don’t link to you
This is as easy as searching for your brand or model names on Google, then taking a look at the sites which have mentioned them. Are they linking to you? If not, why not ask them to do so? Make sure you provide the link for them to use. If appropriate, a hint that you’re evaluating their site might not go amiss either.

3. Ask for links from your suppliers
Your suppliers should be keen to help when you ask them to do something. Think of ways in which they might mention your company on their websites. Perhaps between the two of you, a case study could be drawn up. Perhaps you could offer them a testimonial. Think creatively – it’s a win for you both.

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