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Sales presentations can make great content

It’s quite likely that even if your company doesn’t hold full-scale seminars or conferences, it does sales presentations. You may even have someone in sales who’s really good at these. If so, are you making the most of them? There are loads of ways in which you can get a sales presentation to a wider audience at very little cost. They can also provide fantastic search-friendly content for your website.

The most obvious thing is to video proceedings and publish the result on your website. If you do this, and the presentation is more than a few minutes, I’d recommend breaking up the video into chunks of a few minutes each at appropriate points. Filming the presentation is fairly easy nowadays, but you might like to experiment with giving the speaker a lapel microphone, as poor quality audio can ruin a video.

Whether or not you wish to publish a video of the presentation, simply transcribing what was said can provide some excellent content. Or if the presentation includes slides and images, you could combine the static slides with the transcription to make a valuable resource.

A further option might be to give the video and any AV materials to a friendly freelance journalist, and get the presentation written up as a technical article. You might find it’s better than any of the formal stuff you have on your website now.

Thousands of sales presentations take place every day all over the country. It seems such a waste for them to disappear into history and never to get an audience beyond the immediate one.

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