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Get that idea out of your head

In an ideal world, our websites would be written by the sales department. Brochures too. The sales department know what their story is, and what the customer wants to hear. The job of marketing is to get that material in front of prospects, which is something quite different.

In reality, one or two of you might be smiling at the thought of sales collateral actually being written by anyone in sales. After all, salespeople are normally employed more for their verbal skills than for their written ones. To be fair, the reverse applies: I’ve been to some awful sales presentations where the company decided it was a good idea for it to be done by the marcomms manager.

So what’s needed from a good marketing manager is the ability to extricate the sales story from the salesperson’s head. I’ve never found this easy, and I’ve spent many years trying. They’re the first to tell you the article, web page or brochure is no good, but when you previously asked them for ideas, there was a deafening silence.

I’ve not come across a better technique than listening in on a sales presentation (real or mock) and transcribing it. Have you?

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