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A beautiful landing page …from the government

Like many people in the past 48 hours, you may have had your attention drawn to a petition asking the government to accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK. In the face of such a serious subject, it seems odd to introduce the topic of web page design, but I’m going to anyway. That’s because the UK parliament petitions page, in common with many others nowadays on government websites, is a superb example of attractive, functional web design. It’s clear, it’s uncluttered and it’s compelling. Who’d have thought the public sector could show everyone else how a landing page should be done?

Here’s what the page looks like. The first screen clearly offers, in order:
– the purpose of the page;
– the call to action;
– confidence that in doing so, you’re not alone:

UK Government Petitions Page: beautiful.

It then goes on to offer details of what will happen if you take action:

Second part of Government petitons page

The page is not particularly trying to persuade you, through argument, to click the call to action button, although in a commercial environment, our equivalent pages would do so. It’s laying out the ‘offer’ and making it as easy as possible for you to take up that offer. There’s no distraction. No clutter. Either get on with the task, or go back to where you came from.

And after you’ve clicked the call to action button, things remain as clear and simple as before:

Petitioner details screen - equally beautiful.

Nice big text entry boxes, no more than are necessary, and a clear view of the full extent of the page at a glance. You’re meant to think: “They’re not asking for a lot from me here, I really should do this”. And that’s exactly what you think. How do the landing pages for offers on your website compare?

The petition above can be found here and there’s a list of all petitions on the UK parliament site here.

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