What’s happening on that old Twitter account?

Does your company have a neglected Twitter account? I ask the question because neglecting it might just be a problem. Someone told me the other day that they’d just signed in to the Twitter account belonging to their business, which was not one of their marketing priorities and hadn’t been looked at for “a few months”. To their horror, there were three Tweets there, addressed to the account, two being questions from customers and one an enquiry from a prospect. All were several weeks old.

The lesson of this tale is clear: if you set up these services, be prepared for the fact that they’re two-way things. You might not be sending out messages (or you may be doing so, but only automatically). That doesn’t mean your customers and prospects won’t be trying to communicate in the other direction.

There are some online services which will email you every time you have any mentions or direct messages. However, my suggestion, if you’re not paying any attention to that Twitter account you set up five years ago, is to download a free Twitter app to your smartphone, link it to the company account, and ensure that it sits there flagging up any activity, through an alert or a notification icon. Just in case.


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