Storytelling to bring the sales story alive

If you’re looking for a different way to present your promotional content, here’s an idea: storytelling. Effectively it’s a case study written up in a more accessible way. It needn’t name names, and can work as a standalone piece or as part of a product description. Storytelling encourages the prospect to mentally ‘try you out’ in a way that a product description cannot. You might write something like: “A recent customer was looking to replace an ageing widget processor and a failing stacking machine when they came across our ComboTron 2000. The experts here had the unit installed in three weeks, with no loss of production. Apart from the improved throughput offered by the latest technology, the ComboTron 2000 freed up a large area of factory space…”

Humanising a features and benefits page with something like this can provide some genuinely appealing sales content – and the raw material is all in-house already, within the sales team’s collective experience.

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