How to let prospects get the better of the deal

I shouldn’t have left you hanging on a question yesterday. Now you’re going to say: “Well, what’s the answer?” If you remember, I asked how we could make the ‘deal’ in our marketing promotions one in which the customer or prospect might feel they’re getting the best of the transaction. It’s not usually that hard.

In my first example I suggested that offering a boring email newsletter in exchange for their personal email address (and presumably permission to send a customer any old stuff in the future) wasn’t a deal where the customer would feel they’d come out on top. So how can we overcome this? Firstly (of course), write a newsletter which might actually be useful to the customer, and show them what’s in it. Assure them that’s all they’re getting and only ask for their email address, because why would you need anything else to send them an email? Don’t forget to reinforce the point that future issues could contain information on which they will not want to miss out.

In the second example, I highlighted how companies usually don’t make it easy to find out trivial pieces of missing information. Even saying “here’s our phone number if you want us” may sound like hard enough work to put some people off, especially if the information required is trivial. The prospect will suspect that if they ring you, they’ll have to battle through switchboards and people who don’t know the answer. So why not give them an alternative? “Need to know anything more? Fill in your name and telephone number here and one of our experts will call you back to answer your question”. That’s all it needs, although a box to ask a question could be useful for some people. The email notification of the question which you subsequently receive can even state what page the enquiry came from, so that you can get the right person to call back. Now the prospect feels that they’re going to get the answer they want but you’re going to be doing the work. They appear to get the better of the deal, and are more likely to accept it.

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