For the tiny-fingered only

We’ve discussed the advantages of a ‘mobile friendly’ site here, but have you thought about the broader issue of all touch screen devices? Many sites which reformat nicely for a small mobile phone screen simply retain the ‘desktop’ layout for an iPad, for example. And that’s fine, they look quite legible on tablet computers with a decent screen resolution, which is most of them nowadays. So what’s the problem? It’s that the finger is not as precise as a mouse pointer. If your menus and text links don’t have enough of a dead space around them, they’ll be almost impossible to select. Some people have developed a habit of identifying any problem links in advance; I often instinctively use two fingers to zoom into an area before clicking on a link, to ensure that I get what I want. But this shouldn’t be necessary.

Try navigating around your website on an iPad, and perhaps filling in a form. Is it an irritating exercise? With so many visitors to your website no longer using desktop PCs, it’s an important test.

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